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RF over fiber links: 0-10km, 50km and up to 400km. 5-yr product warranty.
New: Find out why you should add blind mate to your RF links.

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New RF over Fiber Blue2 Link

Developed in response to customer demand, ViaLite‘s new Blue2 Link is a dual-solution OEM which can be setup as 2x…

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New Outdoor Enclosure for RF over Fiber Equipment

The 'ODE' range of outdoor enclosures has been expanded to include a new ODE-B enclosure; the ODE-B 12. The enclosures...

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Extended L-Band Frequency for HTS

ViaLite Communications has widened the bandwidth of its L-Band RF over fiber links from 950-2150MHz to 700-2450MHz.  The new ‘L-Band…

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