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The broadcast industry is increasingly using fiber links over traditional copper cables for video and audio.  ViaLite RF over fiber links are used extensively in broadcast.  The link transfers the signal from the RF to the optical domain without digitization or modulation which means is agnostic of the signal format.   The link can therefore be used with any broadcast RF system and is futureproof.  ViaLite links are used in mixed fiber and copper networks without any latency or overlapping effects.  

Typical Applications: 

  • wireless camera links 
  • wireless microphone links.
  • production communications (in-ear monitors, intercoms, IFBs)


Combining a Fiber Link with Down-Converters

Some customers are not able to control the frequency bands being used -  either because different bands are allotted at each event or because a variety of frequency  bands used for wireless cameras.  In these cases, a popular solution is to use a link <1GHz - together with a portfolio of down-converters so they are able to use.


Advantages of RF over Fiber over Conventional Coax and Triax:

  • higher performance signal transmission
  • longer link distances
  • lighter and faster to deploy
  • can be integrated with an existing network

ViaLite modules can be integrated into existing receiver equipment to convert the signals onto fiber for relay back to the production desk.  ViaLite can also multiplex diversity antenna signals down a single fiber.  Reverse camera control is also possible.

As is required by the broadcast industry, ViaLite products are:

  • plug and play
  • rapidly deployable,
  • high performance,
  • robust
  • needs no experience of optical fiber  

ViaLite Benefits

  • Optimised for wireless camera and audio links 
  • Bandwidth ranges available up to 4.2GHz
  • Standard link supports up to 10km 
  • Supports any modulation format
  • Rack or stand -alone modules
  • Low loss 
  • Wide dynamic range

ViaLite Products for Broadcast


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