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The ViaLite range of products serve a wide range of different markets.  Select a market below to access relevant product information, as well as related case studies and downloads.

Custom Products and Integrated Systems

MilitaryUsing ViaLite equipment and other third party components as basic building blocks, we offer fully integrated solutions for a wide variety of communications installations.

For specific and unique customer requirements ViaLite provides custom solutions in the commercial, industrial and military markets across the globe. Read more

Test, Measurement, EMC and EMP

Timing & SynchronisationThe point2point and Sentinel EMC screened RF-over-Fiber technology offers unbeatable advantages for the transmission of analog, RF and digital data signals over optical fiber.  The complete test and measurement product range offered includes RF-over-Fiber links, sensors, power supplies and system solutions for EMC, TEMPEST, high voltage and laboratory applications. Read more


Government and Public Safety

BroadcastViaLite products offer a broad array of engineered solutions for governmental and public safety applications.  These solutions provide customers with reliable and secure data transmission, thereby ensuring operational integrity, efficient incident management and personal safety. Read more

Mines and Tunnels

SatComViaLite mine and tunnel RF-over-Fiber communication systems extend single or multiple networks for many tens of kilometres providing communication reliability and redundancy in demanding and harsh environments. Read more


Military and Defense

Test, measurement, EMC, EMPViaLite is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of military and defense applications.  Such requirements include the need for radio-frequency communication systems ranging from low frequency through VHF, UHF to satellite-band transmissions. Read more

Timing and Synchronisation

Public safetyMany types of operating systems and networks need to maintain accurate synchronisation.  ViaLite Timing Reference Fiber Optic Links provide a cost efficient method of RF timing distribution. Read more


Mines & tunnelsThe broadcast industry is slowly migrating from copper cables to RF-over-Fiber, particularly in outside broadcast applications.  The ViaLite RF-over-fiber product range is designed to offer leading edge RF performance combined with innovative and flexible solutions for the broadcast industry. Read more


Custom systemsThe ViaLite L band and IF range are designed to provide high performance and high reliability fiber optic communication for linking satellite antenna and control centers in earth station teleports. Read more

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