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Military and Defense Communications

Custom Radio-over-Fiber systems for defense, force protection and homeland security.

What options do you have when you need high quality RF communication but also rugged and dependable systems?  Custom equipment, either purpose-built or based on commercial or military off-the-shelf (COTS/MOTS) product, is often the answer.

However, the time taken to deliver the equipment to the user is often the problem!

ViaLite provides a rapid prototype, evaluation and short run production capability combined with a technical partnership with the customer.  ViaLite offers COTS, MOTS and fully custom solutions for military and defense customers.

Fiber Technology for Military Operations
Carrying RF signals over fiber has many advantages including:

  • wide bandwidth
  • path length to 30km
  • INFOSEC & Tempest compliant. (no emissions/immunity issues)
  • EMC & EMP resilient
  • light-weight and man portable.

Typical applications include VLF/HF through VHF/UHF to satellite band transmissions.  The ViaLite Radio-over-Fiber range is deployed in defense scenarios including:

  • surveillance & signal intelligence (SigInt)
  • tactical radio links (VLF, HF, VHF, UHF, GSM, Tetra, P25)
  • IED detection & force protection
  • VSAT / satellite communications
  • sonar & communication buoys
  • secure network data centers (MSF/DCF, GPS, DVB-T, GSM, Tetra)
  • OEM military equipment.
Tactical HQ Remote Antennas example:
In an application such as a Tactical HQ or Forward Operating Base (FOB), ViaLite Radio-over-Fiber can be used to re-position communication antennas well outside the Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR).  This provides the following benefits:
  • radio range improved from “hill top” located antennae
  • removes “co-site” antenna interference
  • electromagnetic stealth for HQ / FOB
  • encrypted radio assets remain within the TAOR
  • rapid field deployment
  • urban and over-the-hill coverage from Aerostat or Helikite mounted antennas
  • low signal loss, for operation from a few metres to 30km
  • man-portable equipment available, small and lightweight.

 When you work with ViaLite for your military communications you will benefit from our experience in providing:

  • RF system and Radio-over-Fiber design
  • ruggedised equipment including optical cable and connectivity
  • specialist antennas and probes
  • electromagnetically shielded equipment
  • urgent operational requirement (UOR) experience
  • rapid prototyping and short run production
  • ISO9000-2008 certification

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 telephone +44 (0)1793 784389, email: or complete our web enquiry form for further information.

ViaLite Benefits

  • COTS, MOTS and Custom solutions 
  • RF Bandwidths available to 6GHz
  • Rugged connector technology
  • Path length >40km
  • Ultra-portable for rapid deployment
  • EMP/EMC immunity
  • Zero signal emission
  • UK MOD and NATO approved

ViaLite Products for Military and Defense

  • RF Detection Antenna Link
  • Helikite Radio Relay
  • Bowman Remote Antenna Extension
  • C-Cuts RF Test Source
  • Custom Design Capabilities
  • Compound Antennas
  • All Products
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