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Satellite Communications

RF over Fiber

ViaLite links create a transparent connection for RF signals between antennas and control rooms in teleports and satellite ground stations interfacility links.  The use of optical fiber overcomes problems inherent in copper based solutions including electrical interference, link distance and electrical safety isolation (EMP and lightning)

ViaLite link are used in many satcom applications, including:  
  • Fixed earth stations and teleports 
  • Broadcast facilities
  • Mobile SNG, military and flyaways
  • VSAT hubs and terminals
  • Marine antennas
  • TT&C
  • Oil & gas platforms
  • IP gateways
  • TVRO

Intensity Modulation

ViaLite technology uses intensity modulation which means no additional frequency or digital conversion takes place.   
  • very low noise
  • low distortion transmission path. 
  • suitable for almost any modulation format
  • exceptionally low phase noise performance - suitable for narrowband schemes. 

The ViaLite range for Satcom

  • L-band link covers 950-2150MHz,
  • IF (70/140MHz)
  • S-band
  • C-band downlink
  • Reference signals
  • Serial digital
  • Ethernet

ViaLite equipment is available as rack mounted modules, OEM modules.  The range inckudes 3U and 1U rack chassis and a full range of outdoor weatherproof enclosures.

Optical Multiplexing

ViaLite RF over fiber technology is capable of combining multiple signals down the same fiber.  This can be multiple traffic signals or a combination of traffic and reference signals.  

  • WDM - for combining traffic and reference signals
  • CWDM - up to 16 bi-directional signals over a single fiber
  • DWDM - up to 96 bi-directional signals over a single fiber
Read more about Optical Multiplexing.

Link distance

ViaLite links are available to support various distances of up to 100km

  • 0-10km,
  • 10-50km
  • 50-100km.  

For short distances e.g. 50m, please select 0-10km link.

Read about Long Distance Links.


Useful Links:

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ViaLite Benefits

  • L Band and IF product variants
  • Path lengths up to 100km
  • Ultra wide dynamic range
  • Low signal loss over entire frequency band
  • Outdoor enclosures
  • Signal immune to electrical interference



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