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Timing & Synchronisation

ViaLite provides the capability to transmit and distribute a range of timing and frequency signals over fiber optic cable.

Many types of operating systems and networks need to maintain accurate synchronisation and the ViaLite Timing Reference Fiber Optic Link provides customers with a cost efficient method that enables RF timing distribution.  The wide bandwidth of 10kHz-50MHz allows transmission of various timing reference standards such as MSF, DCF, HBG-75kHz, Loran and eLoran in addition to other common signals at 1MHz, 10MHz and 50MHz.

The ViaLite product range addresses customer applications in many differerent market sectors including:

  • TETRA and cellular timing
  • Satcom control networks
  • Network timing (GPS, MSF, DCF, 10MHz)
  • Secure networks
  • Seismic and structural monitoring
  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Oil and Gas
  • Metrology
  • Particle physics synchronisation

For example in the satcom market the ViaLite range of fiber optic links connect antennas with control rooms, network operation centers or broadcast headends.  In most satcom installations a reference signal is required to lock oscillators in both up and down converters, the LNB and BUC or transceiver.  It is not always possible to achieve this with internally generated signals in each piece of equipment.  The ViaLite Timing Reference Fiber Optic Link is designed to be used when a central timing reference signal is required to be distributed to remote locations in a satcom installation using new or existing single mode fiber network.

In applications requiring GPS capability the ViaLite Metro-GPS product range offers a cost effective and simple method for transporting GPS RF signals to locations remote from the antenna.  Metro-GPS is used in any application that demands accurate timing, location or mapping information.  Cellular BTS sites and public mobile radio networks are examples where synchronised timing is critical.  In cellular applications the use of GPS based timing is becoming more prevalent as the trend for Ethernet backhaul removes the option for base station clock recovery via the conventional E1/T1 facility.  Where GPS signals are used in network synchronisation, significant issues may arise when the base station does not have direct line of sight to the GPS satellite.  As an example the requirement for GPS re-radiation within buildings and high-rise structures continues to attract much attention.  In response to this market need the ViaLite Metro-GPS was successfully launched as a turnkey fiber optic remoting solution.  By making use of preinstalled single mode fiber networks that normally exist in high-rise buildings the GPS signals can be routed long distances from roof top antennas to equipment located in the basement thereby overcoming the problems presented in high-rise building GPS installations.

Another example of the application of the ViaLite product range is in seismic network and structural monitoring. Seismic monitoring networks are deployed to map and measure seismic disturbances throughout industrial plants or exploration sites.  The integrity of municipal buildings and structures are also monitored in regions of the world prone to seismic activity.  Critical to mapping the extent of a seismic event is the synchronicity of data gathered from field-based array of sensors and geophones.  Where site coverage is extensive the ViaLite GPS over fiber link enables accurate time stamping of data streaming from individual sensor elements facilitating the aquisition of a coherent image of a seismic event across the entire site.

ViaLite Benefits

  • Long distance transmission without signal loss
  • UHF / VHF / GPS / TETRA / PMR & GSM compatible
  • Interference immunity and electrical isolation
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Lightweight and space saving optical cable increases signal density and bandwidth
  • Allows point to multipoint distribution and service scalability
  • DVB-T, GSM, TETRA and WiMax antenna remoting
  • Time stamping provision of remote equipment
  • Environmental enclosures for harsh locations
  • Galileo compatible

ViaLite Products for Timing and Synchronisation

  • Timing Reference 10kHz - 50MHz Links
  • Serial Digital / 1PPS Links
  • Ethernet Links
  • SNMP for M&C
  • Enclosures and Accessories
  • Outdoor Enclosures
  • All Products


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