BT Sport Expands using ViaLite RF over Fiber

BT Sport recently installed more ViaLite RF over fiber at the BT International Communications Center, Madley to support three new channels: BT Sport Europe, BT Sport Showcase and BT Sport Ultra HD.

Several new ViaLiteHD chassis and outdoor enclosures were installed to accommodate the increasing demand for bandwidth from broadcasters to support Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K transmissions.

ViaLite equipment was chosen because of its proven track record for reliability.  The HD platform is a major improvement on capacity without compromising performance,” says Guy Pennington, Satcom Design & Delivery Consultant, BT.

“By switching over to ViaLiteHD, we have increased our capacity and reduced our rack space requirements. The interface GUI is good and it’s nice to extend the LAN using Ethernet over fiber without worrying about it separately.”

BT Sport Expands using <em><strong>ViaLite</strong></em> RF over Fiber
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