A Close Call for the SIG Cooperation Award

In the inaugural Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) Awards, ViaLite narrowly missed first place for the Cooperation Award. The award recognizes projects where two or more companies solved a challenge by working together. ViaLite was shortlisted, coming a close second, for its work with Stanley Healthcare. The two companies were involved in an urgent install of a critical comms system for the COVID-19 ward at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

ViaLite supported Stanley Healthcare by manufacturing, fully testing and supplying RF over fiber Timing and Reference links within a tight 24 hour timeframe.

Helen Weedon, SIG Managing Director, said: “The board of directors found it a difficult task deciding the victors amongst a host of worthy nominations. ViaLite came a very close second in the tightest award category we had.”

QuadSAT, a supplier of airborne antenna testing solutions, secured the award for its work with the European Space Agency and Global VSAT Forum. The joint project resulted in QuadSAT’s Unmanned Aerial System testing solution complying with the industry’s antenna performance protocol.


A Close Call for the SIG Cooperation Award
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