The links below are datasheets for our standard ViaLiteHD products and equipment.  If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us directly.


RF Links

L-Band HTS – 50 Ohm 0-10km  HRx-L1_4
L-Band HTS – 75 Ohm 0-10km  HRx-L1_4
L-Band HTS – 50 Ohm 50km  HRx-L1_4
L-Band HTS – 75 Ohm 50km  HRx-L1_4
L-Band HTS – 50 Ohm CWDM  HRx-L1_4  
L-Band HTS – 75 Ohm CWDM  HRx-L1_4
L-Band HTS – 50 Ohm DWDM Medium Power HRx-Lx-DCxx-DS-1
L-Band HTS – 50 Ohm DWDM High Power HRx-Lx-ECxx-DS-2
L-Band HTS & Reference (receive path)  HRx-Jx-DS-2
L-Band HTS & Reference (transmit path)  HRx-Kx-DS-2
IF 70-140  HRx-Bx-DS-2
DVB-T  HRx-Dx-DS-2
GPS  HRx-Gx-DS-2
Low frequency timing  HRx-Tx-DS-3
UHF and VHF  HRx-Nx-DS-2
Wideband link  HRx-Sx-DS-2
Ultra Wideband link  HRx-Ux-DS-2


RF Links: OEM Form Factors

Blue OEM Link  HRx-xx-xM-1
Blue2 Link  HRx-xx-xP-1
Green OEM Link  HRx-xx-xBC-2  (previously the Broadcast module) – Updated 03/20/18
Yellow OEM Link  HRx-xx-xN-1  (previously the Edge module) 


Support Products (including SNMP Monitoring & Control)

Ethernet  HRE-x-DS-3
Serial digital  HRB-1-DS-3
SNMP network module  HRC-1-DS-2
SNMP programing kit  HRx-HD-DEV103-DS-1
Summary alarm  HRC-2-HB-3
RF switch  HRS-x-DS-1
RF splitter/combiner  HRD-x-DS-1
Passive Optical Network Components  74000-DS-5


Rack Chassis and Enclosures

1U Rack Chassis  HRK1x-DS-2
3U Rack Chassis  HRK3x-DS-2
Satcom6 Outdoor Enclosure datasheet
Outdoor Enclosures datasheet  75010-DS-3


For ViaLite Classic product datasheets, please see ViaLite Classic Downloads.

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