Please see the software below for our standard ViaLiteHD products and equipment. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us directly.

Last update to software file(s): 4th December 2023


ViaLite Developer software


Horizons Monitoring and Control software

ViaLite‘s new Horizons software provides standalone SNMP based control. It does not require Java, Windows drivers or a web browser! The software allows you to run the application on your computer.


SNMP MIB files – for 3rd party Network Management Systems

MIB files for M&C modules

The following MIB files are for all M&C modules (Horizons HRC-3 and the legacy HRC-1) and also the Embedded Site Controller. The files allow the SNMP to be used with a 3rd party Network Management System (NMS).

Supporting notes
The MIB definition is separated into three separate MIB files. To use the ViaLiteHD MIB with your NMS, you must install the PPM-ORG-MIB and the PPM-IGNIS-MIB. The PPM-IGNIS-V1TRAPS MIB only contains the definitions for the SNMP traps produced by the ViaLiteHD controller modules and is therefore optional if the traps are not being used.

    This MIB defines the top level of the ViaLite products MIB structure. This also includes details for other PPM (ViaLite’s parent company) products. The ViaLiteHD Controller (IGNIS) MIB fits into this MIB and imports certain objects from the ORG MIB.
    This MIB defines all the ViaLiteHD controller specific objects accessible over the SNMP interface.
    This MIB defines all the SNMP traps that can be generated by the ViaLiteHD controller(s).

Not compatible with the ViaLite Classic MIB.


MIB files for supporting products

The following products’ MIB files can be download for controlling and monitoring the products, via SNMP, over Ethernet. These products are typically used in long distance link systems.


Monitoring and Control module firmware files

These firmware files are required when updating ViaLite M&C modules (Horizons HRC-3) and the Embedded Site Controller. They are not required for normal operational use.

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Third Party Sources files

Third party sources provided for GPLv2 and GPLv3 compliance. Files not required for normal operation.

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