Please see the software below for our standard ViaLiteHD products and equipment.  If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us directly.


ViaLite Horizons – new SNMP software

Standalone SNMP based control. Launched September 2017.

Horizons SNMP – run without install
Horizons SNMP Installer

Horizons does not require JAVA, Windows drivers or a web browser.


ViaLiteHD SNMP Module

SNMP based control – only requires a web browser.  Windows drivers are not required.

SNMP MIB table files – Last updated 03/17/16

SNMP BIN file – card firmware (required to run the card and control it via a web browser)  – Last updated 02/07/17

SNMP Technical Note – Updated 08/14/17

For ViaLite Classic software, please see ViaLite Classic Downloads.


ViaLite Developer Software

Developer kit for ViaLiteHD – HRx-HD-DEV103-HB-6 – 11/29/16





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