End of Life Products

The following products have been discontinued, in line with the ViaLite End of Life (EOL) Policy.


ViaLite Satcom6 outdoor enclosure

The Satcom6 Last Time Buy Period ended on 1st May 2023. A range of other outdoor enclosures are available to choose from, including the ODE-B3U outdoor enclosure and smaller options, such as the ODE-A4. View the full outdoor enclosure range here.

The Satcom6’s EOL is further to the development of these other newer enclosures, offering more features for users to benefit from.

ViaLite‘s 5-year product warranty still applies, from date of purchase.

Supporting documentation:
Satcom6 Outdoor Enclosure  DS-3 – Updated 01/07/21 (January 7)
Satcom6 Intelligent Outdoor Enclosure User Manual (HEA-xx-HB-6) Updated version 02/03/22 (February 3)


ViaLite Blue OEM 1U Chassis

The ‘Blue OEM 1U Chassis’ Last Time Buy Period ended 20th July 2022. Individual Blue OEM modules can be purchased instead, or alternatively links in rack chassis card format for housing within a ViaLite 1U or 3U rack chassis.


ViaLiteHD 12 mW DWDM Laser

The ViaLiteHD 12 mW DWDM laser products Last Time Buy Period ended 31st October 2021. This EOL was due to cessation of production by the laser manufacturer. There is no direct laser replacement available.

The effected part numbers are (field option 10): K, T, and E.

This effects the following products:


ViaLiteHD HRC-1

The ViaLiteHD HRC-1 Site controller and SNMP chassis card Last Time Buy Period ended 30th September 2020. The HRC-1 is directly replaced by the ViaLiteHD HRC-3 site controller equivalent. The HRC-1 was the first management card produced by ViaLite and reached its full potential; it couldn’t be developed further.

The HRC-3 was launched early 2019 and is the current ViaLiteHD management chassis card and is a direct replacement for the HRC-1.

HRC-1 example part number:                         HRC-1-09-8R-20
HRC-3 equivalent part number:                      HRC-3-CD-8R-2W-S1310

Supporting documentation:
HRC-1 M&C Module  HRC-1-DS-3Updated 03/14/23 (14 March 2023)
HRC-1 M&C User Manual (HRC-1-HB-6)  – Updated version 05/12/21 (May 12)
Upgrading the HRC-1 to Operate with Horizons (Guide)


ViaLiteHD Blind Mate Option “D”

The ViaLiteHD Blind Mate (Option “D”) system which enables ViaLiteHD chassis cards to be hot-swapped without disconnecting coax or optical connections has been updated. The Blind Mate (Option “D”) Last Time Buy Period ended 30th September 2020. This change was due to some components becoming obsolescent in that year. The updated design is known as Option “E” and incorporates improvements to mechanical and connection performance.

Option “D” example part number:                   HRT-L1-8D-33-S1310
Option “E” equivalent part number:                 HRT-L1-9E-33-S1310


Classic Product Range

The ViaLite Classic RF over fiber product line was in production for over 18 years and gave exceptional service to many customers with little fault. The Last Time Buy Period for the range ended 31st December 2018. A list of the main discontinued products follows.

ViaLiteHD was launched in 2010 (eight years prior to Classic EOL), which improved on the Classic products’ performance – providing additional capacity and functionality – whilst retaining similar reliability. Equivalent ViaLiteHD product options are also detailed below.

Documentation for the products can be found on under Classic Downloads.


ClassicViaLiteHD EquivalentDescription
LRT-Lx-xx-xx-xxxxHRT-Lx-xx-xx-xxxxL-Band Transmitter
LRR-Lx-xx-xxHRT-Lx-xx-xxL-Band Receiver
LRT-Nx-xx-xx-xxxxHRT-Nx-xx-xx-xxxx1 GHz Transmitter
LRR-Nx-xx-xxHRR-Nx-xx-xx1 GHz Receiver
LRT-U1-xx-xx-xxxxHRT-U1-xx-xx-xxxx2 KHz to 4.2 GHz Transmitter
LRR-U1-xx-xxHRR-U1-xx-xx2 KHz to 4.2 GHz Receiver
LRT-W1-xx-xx-xxxxHRT-W1-xx-xx-xxxx10 MHz to 4.2 GHz Transmitter
LRR-Wx-xx-xxHRR-Wx-xx-xx10 MHz to 4.2 GHz Receiver
LRT-G1-xx-xx-xxxxHRT-G1-xx-xx-xxxxGPS Transmitter
LRR-G1-xx-xxHRR-G1-xx-xxGPS Receiver
LRT-Dx-xx-xx-xxxxLRT-Dx-xx-xx-xxxxDVB-T Transmitter
LRR-Dx-xx-xxLRR-Dx-xx-xxDVB-T Receiver
LRT-T1-xx-xx-xxxxHRT-T1-xx-xx-xxxxTiming Transmitter
LRT-T1-xx-xxHRT-T1-xx-xxTiming Receiver
LRT-Bx-xx-xx-xxxxHRT-Bx-xx-xx-xxxx70/140 Transmitter
LRR-Bx-xx-xxHRR-Bx-xx-xx70/140 Receiver
LSX-Kx-xx-xx-xxxxHRB-1-xx-xx-xx-xxxxSerial Digital
LSX-Lx-xx-xx-xxxxHRB-1-xx-xx-xx-xxxxSerial Digital
LSX-Mx-xx-xx-xxxxHRB-1-xx-xx-xx-xxxxSerial Digital
ODE-AODE-A4Outdoor enclosure
ODE-B & ODE-B6Contact usOutdoor enclosure

Please contact us for other products/part numbering equivalents where required or for further support and assistance.

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