Extended L-Band Frequency for HTS

ViaLite Communications has widened the bandwidth of its L-Band RF over fiber links from 950-2150MHz to 700-2450MHz.  The new ‘L-Band HTS’ frequency range is even wider than the previous Extended L-Band range, allowing more High Throughput Satellite (HTS) signals to be sent over a single fiber.  Coupled with ViaLite’s industry-leading spurious free dynamic range (110dB/Hz 2/3), Vialite L-Band HTS is the product of choice for all major satellite operators.

Dynamic range has become increasingly important in recent years due to the use of High Throughput Satellites which have transponder bandwidths of 500 or 800MHz, compared to traditional satellites which were only 36MHz.  Using the L-Band HTS bandwidth range of 700-24050MHz, either 3x 500MHz or 2x 800MHz signals can be transferred over a single fiber link. This increased fiber capacity reduces the number of links required – and therefore costs – by a third!

The new HTS bandwidth applies to 10 products including: L-Band HTS, Long distance DWDM systems, L-Band HTS with combined Reference, CWDM multi-channels in a single fiber – all in 50 and 75 ohm.  ViaLite also offers a best-in-market product warranty of 5-years, as standard, across all products.


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Extended L-Band Frequency for HTS
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