Goonhilly Chooses ViaLite, Again

GES (Goonhilly Earth Station) Ltd. has chosen ViaLiteHD for their enhancement of the world famous satellite earth station on the Lizard Peninsula of Cornwall in the UK.  Goonhilly was the site of the world’s first parabolic satellite communications antenna and received the first ever trans-Atlantic television signals.  Later the station was also involved in relaying live pictures of iconic global events such as the apollo moon landing and Live Aid. Today the site operates as a commercial satellite communications teleport with 25 dishes carrying business internet data as well as command and control gateway for various satellites.  The vision of GES is to upgrade the site into a world-class space science center.

GES are installing L-band and timing links between five remote antenna sites and the main control room.  The links are up to 3km long, “GES chose ViaLiteHD because of the performance and flexibility of the our system”, says ViaLite Business Development Manager, Amair Khan.  “The SNMP monitor and control functionailty really helped as it gives GES more information than any other solution.”

ViaLite Communications had already provided some RF over fiber equipment for the Goonhilly site a couple of years ago when it was run by BT Group plc.

Goonhilly Chooses <em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong>, Again
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