London Data Center Relies on ViaLite GPS over Fiber for Timing Signals

Accurate timing and frequency reference signals are being delivered by ViaLite RF over fiber systems in an Interxion data center located in central London. Installed by GTT, the GPS and 10 MHz timing modules are part of an overall system that includes equipment from Meinberg and GPS Source and gives clients the accurate timing information needed for their data networks hosted at the facility.

The system has two redundant GPS signals which are distributed to multiple locations over fiber, as well as being converted to 35 MHz timing signals. These signals are split and distributed directly to the customer’s time servers.

“Thanks to the reliability and ease of implementation of the ViaLiteHD modules, GTT expanded the number of fiber links required by a further 30 units a few weeks after completion of the initial install,” said ViaLite Director of Sales, Richard Jacklin.

Interxion is an interconnection hub for the world’s leading businesses, operating 48 data centers in 13 cities worldwide.


London Data Center Relies on <em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> GPS over Fiber for Timing Signals
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