ViaLite RF over fiber is used at large broadcast events to extend the range of the antennas that wireless cameras, microphones and production communications (in-ear monitors, intercoms and IFBs) use.

Distances of 300ft or more generally require RF over fiber, which is also more cost effective than using high quality coaxial cables (typically used for shorter distances).  A single fiber can also be used for the backhaul of multiple wireless camera systems.

Most outdoor sporting events require fiber optic links, as do arena and theater events where the action takes place off stage. Typical examples include golf tournaments or major race-car events when the talent walks through the audience, or on the red carpet where microphone or camera coverage is essential.

Outside broadcast applications:

  • Sports: motor racing, horse racing, soccer, large athletic events etc.
  • Outdoor coverage in film and TV
  • Other outdoor events including major award shows such as the OSCARS or EMMYs, and events such as the Tour de France.

Using fiber based antenna-remoting in broadcast applications offers a number of advantages over conventional coax solutions including:

  • higher performance and lower loss signal transmissions
  • longer link distances
  • lighter and faster deployment
  • instantaneous coverage for remote camera operators

In addition, ViaLite rack equipment and small-form factor modules can be integrated into existing receiver equipment to convert the signals onto fiber for relay back to production desks and Outside Broadcast (OB) vehicles.  Using WDM, ViaLite can multiplex two separate antenna signals onto a single fiber, therefore reducing fiber cabling requirements.