Cellular & Network Timing


Base transceiver stations (BTS) require precise timing, particularly 4G/LTE networks and DAS.  Where a BTS is remotely located to the timing antenna, such as in a metropolitan area, RF over fiber can be used to connect the antenna to the BTS.  Other common areas where RF over fiber is utilized are: the subway/ underground, government and defense buildings or in DAS applications – distributor antenna systems.

RF over fiber is ideal for setups with multiple base stations and limited roof space for GPS antennas.  It allows the possibility of using one antenna with the signal converted to light and then optically split to multiple locations (2-200).


Network Timing

Network time servers also require an accurate time signal, which is usually produced by GPS.  Where a time server isn’t near a building roof or no copper is allowed into the building, RF over fiber is required for the GPS connection.

Typically used in:

  • Financial institutions
  • Data centers
  • High-rise buildings
  • Secure buildings / sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIF)
  • When there are multiple time servers on different locations/floors where RF over fiber can be split to multiple floors.


  • Finance and high frequency trading
  • Government and defense
  • Energy and utilities.

Read about MiFID and GPS time distribution in data centers.

Cellular & Network Timing