Government & Defense

ViaLite helps government, defense and corporate clients enhance their data security and operational integrity through the deployment of ViaLite RF over fiber transmission equipment.  The use of optical fiber provides added benefits in securing information-gathering centers against lightning and EMP strikes, as well as preventing attempts to eavesdrop or corrupt critical operational/sensitive data.

  • Enhanced data security
  • Signal integrity
  • Reliable and secure data transmission
  • Efficient incident management
  • Enhanced personnel safety
  • Integrates into command, control, comms, computer and intelligence systems.

ViaLite has a proven track record in addressing customer applications for many communication technologies including:

  • Professional Mobile Radio (PMR)
  • GSM-R
  • Cellular (In-Building)
  • GPS
  • WiFi / WiMax
  • Satcom.

For bespoke systems and antennas, please visit PPM Systems.

Government & Defense