Mining & Public Safety

ViaLite’s RF over fiber links (serial or RF GPS, UHF/VHF or L-Band HTS) are used to bring accurate timing or RF communication signals to/from above ground into demanding and harsh underground environments, such as mines, tunnels and underground/subway systems.

The systems ensure efficient communication between surface and underground operations thereby enhancing productivity and safety.  ViaLite has a proven track record in addressing customer applications for many communication technologies including:

  • GPS
  • Private Mobile Radio (PMR)
  • GSM-R
  • Cellular
  • UHF/VHF Radio and TV signal distribution.

The RF links have been used to extend single and multiple GPS, TETRA, Cellular and UHF/VHF communication networks from very short distances to tens of kilometers.  The links are used to provide communication within high-rise buildings/tower blocks, mines, tunnels and oil and gas production facilities, helping to ensure personnel safety.

Mining & Public Safety