Microsemi Qualifies ViaLite High Performance GNSS/GPS Fiber Extension Kit

Carrying timing signals over optical fiber links to 10+ km, ViaLite’s new GNSS/GPS Fiber Extension Kit has been successfully qualified for use with Microsemi’s timing and synchronization products. Included in the kit is the ViaLiteHD GPS Link, which is ideal for providing a remote GNSS/GPS signal or derived timing reference to equipment located where there is no reception, such as inside buildings, tunnels and mines.

The kit is suitable for GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS and BeiDou bands, and the links provide a wide dynamic range with negligible signal degradation from noise or interference.

ViaLite worked closely with Microsemi engineering and product management teams to create the optimized extension kit. Simple single link extensions are available from both Microsemi and ViaLite, and more complex distributed systems can also be defined and supplied by ViaLite.

“We are honored to have been selected by Microsemi as a global supplier for GNSS fiber optic link equipment,” said ViaLite director of sales Craig Somach.

Microsemi provides synchronization services that assist customers with the planning, deployment and maintenance of synchronization infrastructure. Their systems need to meet various levels of redundancy, provide multiple timing and frequency outputs, and apply the most accurate GNSS and satcom techniques for measuring offsets between geographically dispersed clocks.

The systems are employed across a very wide range of industries, including communications, data centers, aerospace, defense, industrial, financial services, government, oil and gas, power and transportation.

For more information about the kit and ViaLite GNSS fiber systems, please contact us.

Microsemi Qualifies <em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> High Performance GNSS/GPS Fiber Extension Kit
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