No Power Supply Needed!

By allowing the customer’s own equipment to power the RF over fiber receiver, ViaLite’s new RF Connector further simplifies the installation of ViaLiteHD RF over fiber links. Available on the Blue OEM for applications in the Broadcast and GPS/GNSS sectors, the connector removes the need to use a separate power supply unit (PSU).

In time server applications, the receiver link uses the standard GPS 12 V supply which normally powers the GPS antenna; this is no longer needed as the ViaLite transmitter PSU does this instead. Similarly, in broadcast applications the receiver link uses the 12 V supply normally used to power the block down converter, which again takes its power from the Blue OEM transmitter link.

“This novel connector allows customers to easily integrate our receiver with their product. It effectively makes the Blue OEM module a fiber optic dongle on the back of their equipment,” said ViaLite Product Manager Gary Wade.

The Blue OEM is a small, standalone RF over fiber module which is available in all ViaLiteHD RF bands. It is available with SC or FC optical connectors and either SMA or MCX RF connectors.


No Power Supply Needed!
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