New Outdoor Enclosure for RF over Fiber Equipment

The ‘ODE’ range of outdoor enclosures has been expanded to include a new ODE-B6 enclosure.

The enclosures are primarily designed to house ViaLite RF over fiber equipment but are also used to store other customer Satcom, Broadcast or GPS equipment.  The enclosures’ robust, fully weatherproof designs protect electrical equipment from the elements when housed outdoors.  They are rated up to IP66/NEMA 4X standard.

The newly launched ODE-B6 has been designed to hold up to six VialiteHD RF over fiber links in OEM module format. It can also be used to house:

  • Splitters
  • Frequency sources (10-50 MHz)
  • Low Noise Block (LNB) and Block Up Convertor (BUC) power supplies
  • Modems
  • Antenna controller units, including units for maritime satellite antennas
  • Lights
  • CWDM systems.

Several super yachts, including Octopus, use ODE-B units to distribute satellite signals throughout the yacht.  The ODE-B has also been used in the Galileo European GPS positioning system ground stations.

The ODE-B6 is constructed from painted stainless steel making it suitable for use in hostile environments and heating can also be added for cold weather conditions.

ViaLite‘s range of enclosures includes the: ODE-A – designed for GPS or flyaway Satcom; ODE-C – which can hold up to 104 links; ODE-D – holding up to 214 links and ODE-D+ – with air conditioning setup; and the Satcom6 – holding up to six links with the optional added benefit of remote monitor and control via SNMP or Ethernet.

New Outdoor Enclosure for RF over Fiber Equipment
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