Digital Data

The ViaLiteHD Digital Data link provides full duplex transmission of RS422, RS485, RS232 and TTL signals over two single mode optical fibers.  Distances of 1 m to 50 km are achievable without the need for repeaters.  This link is suitable for use with the digital signaling of unbalanced ones and zeros and any duty cycle ratios.

  • DC-10Mbps for RS422, RS485 and TTL
  • DC-460kbps for RS232
  • 1PPS
  • Configurable data rate and input impedance
  • 50 ohm TTL drive capacity
  • No special signal coding required
  • 5-year warranty as standard


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Digital Data

Further features and benefits:

  • Low cost compared with coaxial cable
  • Minimal carrier to noise degradation
  • Intelligent control via SNMP (requires ViaLiteHD Monitoring & Control Module)
  • TTL input impedance 50Ω, 600Ω or 10kΩ
  • Frequency response independent of path length
  • Compact OEM module for easy integration
  • Non-conductive and immunity to electrical interference.

The ViaLiteHD Digital Data link can be used to connect remote base stations in cellular and TETRA networks for software upload and system feedback.  It also allows the monitoring and control of third party equipment in satellite ground stations, and distribution of network time server and clock signals.  The link can be used for any other data communication using serial RS232, RS485 or TTL signals.

Digital data is used in every application that ViaLiteHD RF over fiber is used:

  • Satcom for BUC, converter and antenna control
  • Broadcast for camera control and battery monitoring
  • Cellular and network timing for digital GPS into base stations
  • Telemetry for antenna control/switching
  • Mining and public safety for digital GPS
  • Government and defense for radar or secure rooms.

The ViaLite Digital Data link is available in several formats:

– Single rack chassis card / Dual rack chassis card (Rx/Rx, Tx/Tx or Tx/Rx)

A fully populated 19” 3U ViaLiteHD rack chassis supports up to 26 links and accepts 13 RF cards, plus a Monitoring & Control Module and dual power supply modules.  A 1U chassis accepts three RF cards or two RF cards with a Monitoring & Control Module.

– Blue OEM Link

The ViaLite standalone Blue OEM Link offers a compact, single link solution.

– Yellow OEM Link

The Yellow OEM Link has been designed for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to build the link into their own designs.

See our hardware formats guide for more information.

Electrical Characteristics

Serial Digital Link
Data Rate 1 - RS422 and RS4850-115 kbps
Data Rate 2 - RS422 and RS4850-500 kbps
Data Rate 3 - RS422 and RS4850-10 Mbps
Data Rate - TTL0-10 Mbps
Data Rate - RS2320-460 kbps
Input Impedance - RS422 and RS485120 Ω
Input Impedance - RS232>=3kΩ
Input Impedance 1 - TTL50 Ω
Input Impedance 2 - TTL600 Ω
Input Impedance 3 - TTL10k Ω
TTL Drive Capability50 Ω
Duty Cycle Distortion5% @ 115kbps
Bit Error Rate<1 x 10E -8
RS Output Rise/Fall Time<25ns
Jitter<10mUI (rms), 100mUI (pk)
Delay<5 µs @ 1m fiber
Power0.7W (typ), 1.2W (max)


Optical Characteristics

Serial Digital Link
Optical power output-10dBm (mean), -7dBm (peak)
Power budget10dB


Temperature Characteristics

Serial Digital Link
Operating temperature-20 °C to +60 °C e
Storage temperature-40 °C to +70 °C

e Datasheet parameters based on temperature range -10 °C to +50 °C, refer to user manual for performance parameters at -20 °C to +60 °C.


Popular Configuration Example

Serial digital link module with standard SC/APC optical connector and standard FP digital laser

ViaLiteHD Digital Data Module Datasheet  (version HRB-1-DS-3)
RF Support Module User Manual (version HRS-HB-10)

Blue OEM Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xM-DS-4)
Blue OEM Power Supply Datasheet  (version HPS-CB-xx-DS-1)
Yellow OEM Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xN-DS-3)

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