Outdoor Enclosures: ODE-D range and DIN Rail Mounting Kit

The ODE-D and ODE-D+ outdoor enclosures are large, free standing outdoor enclosures with 25U of rack space.  The units can accommodate up to 214 ViaLiteHD channels and are typically used to house ViaLite equipment with customer equipment.  The ODE-D+ enclosure has the added benefit of air-conditioning.

The enclosures are sufficiently large enough to replace the need for – and cost of – constructing an outdoor building.

There is a range of connectivity options.  Power supply feed and fiber optic cable connections can be permanent for fixed installations or connectorized for rapid field deployment.  To maximize reliability in critical systems, dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies can be fitted.

  • CE approved and EMC compatible
  • IP rated and NEMA approved
  • Plug and play format
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • All modules hot swappable
  • Dual redundant power options
  • Interface for monitor and control (M&C) systems
  • 5-year warranty as standard

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Outdoor Enclosures: ODE-D range and DIN Rail Mounting Kit

DIN Rail Mounting Kit

A DIN Rail Mounting Kit can be purchased to store Blue OEM modules vertically in existing enclosures/housings and for wall-mounting where a DIN Rail is present (contact us for more details).

The Kit comes complete with bracket, thermal pad and fixings.

It can also be used, if desired, in the ViaLite ODE-D/ODE-D+ enclosures.

DIN Rail Mounting Kit for ViaLiteHD Blue OEM modules


Outdoor Enclosures Datasheet  (version 75010-DS-4)  covering the ODE-D and ODE-D+. Also covers the discontinued ODE-A, ODE-B and ODE-C.

Outdoor Enclosures Datasheet (version 75010-DS-4) Japanese version. Also covers the discontinued ODE-A, ODE-B and ODE-C.

ViaLite Outdoor Enclosure comparison chart

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