Outdoor Enclosures

The ViaLite suite of outdoor enclosures – the Satcom6 and ODE range – provide a cost-effective housing solution which can be used indoors or outdoors, and in environmentally harsh conditions.  The units can be free-standing or wall/pole mounted.

There is a range of connectivity options.  Power supply feed and fiber optic cable connections can be permanent for fixed installations or connectorized for rapid field deployment.  To maximize reliability in critical systems, dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies can be fitted.

  • CE approved and EMC compatible
  • IP rated and NEMA approved
  • Plug and play format
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • All modules hot swappable
  • Dual redundant power options
  • Interface for monitor and control (M&C) systems
    (excludes ODE-A & the ODE-B6)
  • 5-year warranty as standard

You may also be interested in ViaLite‘s new ODE-A4 range of outdoor enclosures.

Please contact us for custom build enclosures.


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Outdoor Enclosures


The Satcom6  – our most popular weatherproof enclosure – is specifically designed for use at teleports and ground stations.

  • Accepts up to six ViaLiteHD modules
  • Dual power supplies
  • SNMP remote control
  • LNB powering
  • IP66 and NEMA 4 rated

A variety of optical and electrical connectors are available, including a heavy-duty configurable connector which adds four analog, digital, RF, earth stud or power connectors (in any combination).



This is a small, compact enclosure which accepts up to three ViaLite OEM Classic (legacy range) modules.  The ODE-A is particularly suitable for GPS timing applications using the ViaLite Classic GPS link.

ViaLite has now launched an ODE-A4 range of outdoor enclosures, which includes GPS, VSAT and Quad LNB models. More details.



The ODE-B6 enclosure holds up to six ViaLiteHD RF over fiber modules.  It can be used to house:

  • Splitters
  • Frequency sources (10-50 MHz)
  • Low Noise Block (LNB) and Block Up Convertor (BUC) power suppliers
  • Modems
  • Antenna controller units, including units for maritime satellite antennas
  • Lights
  • CWDM systems.

The ODE-B6 is constructed from painted stainless steel and has a IP66/NEMA 4X rating, making it suitable for use in hostile environments.  Heating can also be added for cold weather conditions.

The enclosure is commonly used in super yachts and GPS positioning system ground stations.



A larger 12U outdoor enclosure that can hold four 3U 19″ racks.  When used with ViaLiteHD this means up to 52 chassis cards can be accommodated or 104 channels when using the dual channel card.  Alternatively, the extra rack space can be used for other equipment.  The ODE-C enables access to the front and rear of the equipment, even when the enclosure is wall mounted.


ODE-D and ODE-D+

The ODE-D and ODE-D+ are large, free standing outdoor enclosures with 25U of rack space.  The units can accommodate up to 214 ViaLiteHD channels and are typically used to house ViaLite equipment with customer equipment.  The ODE-D+ enclosure has the added benefit of air-conditioning.

The enclosures are sufficiently large enough to replace the need for – and cost of – constructing an outdoor building.

Satcom6 Enclosure datasheet

Satcom6 Enclosure handbook  (version HEA-xx-HB-3)

Satcom6 brochure

Outdoor Enclosures datasheet covering the ODE-A, ODE-C, ODE-D and  ODE-D+  and legacy ODE-B (version 75010-DS-3).
Please contact us for details on the ODE-B6.

ODE-A Outdoor Enclosure handbook  (version 75010-ODEA-HB-3)


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