L-Band HTS 400-2500 MHz – HWDR

The ViaLiteHD L-Band HTS Hyper Wide Dynamic Range (HWDR) links have been designed for those needing an even greater dynamic range.

The Series 1 (S1) has a spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) with an extra 4 dB/Hz respectively over the standard ViaLiteHD product. The increase in SFDR allows an extra 4 dB of dynamic range for High Throughput Satellites (HTS) transponder bandwidths of 500 MHz, 800 MHz or even 1500 MHz. This allows customers to improve intermodulation performance and reduce the minimum signal that can be detected – extremely important in HTS and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) applications.

  • Covers 400-2500 MHz with up to 115 dB/Hz2/3 SFDR
  • Transmission distances of 0-100 km (DWDM)
  • Ideal for 500, 800 and full 1500 MHz bandwidths used in HTS
  • RF and fiber connections on the rear
  • 13/18/22 V and 22 KHz tone LNB control
  • 50 ohm
  • Superior linearity and low noise
  • SNMP or web GUI interface for easy set-up, remote monitoring or control
  • 5-year warranty as standard

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L-Band HTS 400-2500 MHz – HWDR

Hyper-wide dynamic range

The HWDR link allows a wider dynamic range signal to be transported.


Plug and Play

The links can be either plug-in or blind mate and are completely plug and play, enabling simple installation.

The rack chassis cards can be positioned in any slot of a ViaLite 19” rack and can be mixed with standard L-Band HTS, 70-140 MHz, 10 MHz and in Tx and Rx configurations.


Blind Mate

The chassis cards are available with the ViaLiteHD blind mate option, which allows all cables to be connected at the rear of the chassis when installed. It also allows configuration changes to be completed without disturbing the connections and very fast changeover of cards; enabling five 9s reliability.


1:1 Redundancy

To ensure five nines reliability, the links are available in a full 1:1 redundancy configuration, in both rack mount and outdoor enclosures, using ViaLite splitters and switches.


Other link options include L-Band HTS + Reference links (integrating 5-50 MHz reference signals) and ViaLite Long Distance DWDM links, which cover distances between 0-600 km.


Series 2 (S2)

Please see End of Life Products for details on the Series 2.

The L-Band HTS – HWDR links are suitable for:

  • Full satcom transponder applications
  • Defense Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Fixed satcom earth stations and teleports
  • Telemetry
  • Government installations
  • Remote monitoring stations.

Hardware formats

– Single rack chassis card (Tx)

A fully populated 19” 3U ViaLiteHD rack chassis supports up to 26 links and accepts 13 RF cards, plus a Monitoring & Control Module and dual power supply modules.  A 1U chassis accepts three RF cards or two RF cards with a Monitoring & Control Module.

– Yellow OEM Link

The Yellow OEM Link has been designed for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to build the link into their own designs.


Options include:

  • 50 Ω RF: SMA
  • Optical: SC/APC, FC/APC & E2000/APC
  • Test ports on Tx and Rx modules
  • Built-in Bias-T for LNB powering through RF
  • LNB control circuit with 13/18 VDC & 22 kHz tone
  • Blind mate connection (SC/APC Only)
50 Ohm L-Band HTS – HWDR Series 1 (S1)
Frequency range
400-2500 MHz
Impedance, RF connector
50Ω SMA, blind mate
1970-01-01 00:01:02
Link gain (Tx gain / Rx gain), default
0 dB (-5 / +5)
Tx gain adjustment range
10 dB
Tx gain adjustment from default gain
-6.5 to +3.5 dB
Rx gain adjustment range
14 dB
Rx gain adjustment from default gain
-10 to +4 dB
Gain adjustment step size Rx and Tx
0.5 dB
Flatness, fullband, L-Band
±1.5 dB
Flatness, fullband, L-Band
±0.5 dB
Flatness, 36 MHz, L-Band
±0.2 dB
Gain stability over temperature range
±1 dB
Gain stability
0.25 @ 24 hrs
Nominal input signal / output signal
-20 / -20 dBm
IMD @ nominal output power
-63 dB
CNR @ nominal input power, 36MHz
60 dB
P1 dBinput
-1.5 dBm
P1 dBinput, at maximum Tx gain
-5 dBm
IP3input, at default gain
+9 dBm
Noise figure, at default gain
14 dB
Noise figure, at maximum Tx gain
11.5 dB
Noise figure, 5 dB optical loss
21 dB
SFDR, at default gain
112.5 dB
Test port gain, transmitter
-20 dB
Test port gain, receiver
-20 dB
Test port flatness
±1 dB
Maximum input power without damage
15 dBm
LNB power
Internal 13/18/22 V @ 700 mA with switchable tone
Power Consumption Tx
3.5 W, excluding LNA power
Power Consumption Rx
2.8 W
Optical connector
SC/APC, blind mate
Optical wavelength
1550 nm ± 0.3 or DWDM
Laser power
5 mW
Laser type
DFB (Distributed feedback), thermo-electric cooled laser
Optical power output
+7.0 dBm
Summary alarm output
Open drain alarm: OPEN: Alarm, CURRENT SINK: okay
Operating temperature range
-20 °C to +60 °C
Storage temperature range
-40 °C to +70 °C
95% non-condensing humidity

L Band Hyper-wide Dynamic Range 700-2450 MHz, 50 Ohm SMA, Singlemode SC/APC, Rack plug-in module, 1550 nm

L Band 700-2450MHz, 50 Ohm SMA, Singlemode SC/APC, Rack plug-in module

L-Band HTS – HWDR Datasheet (HRx-Lx-Pxxx-DS-5)

Yellow OEM Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xN-DS-2)
ViaLiteHD RF Link Handbook  (version HRx-HB-9)

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