Optical Routing Solution

RF matrix products are typically made up of an array of RF switches arranged to route multiple inputs to multiple outputs. They are commonplace throughout telecommunications engineering and are quite easy to integrate, but care needs to be taken in some key parametric areas including:

  • insertion loss & gain slope
  • cross-talk
  • isolation.

An RF switch matrix can’t be assumed to route the signals “perfectly” as losses and isolation need to be considered and even designed around in some cases.

Optical routing solutions can replace RF matrix technologies and largely mitigate the loss and isolation challenges faced in the conventional RF switch. RF signals are first converted into the optical domain using techniques such as RF over fiber. Optical routing solutions can start with simple one-to-many switches, through to fully modular systems that could include full cross-point capability with many ports, and routing techniques taking advantage of core ViaLite technologies.

Optical routing can be used for a variety of applications, from large static satellite communication data centers to compact mobile platforms. The solutions are designed to be modular and scalable after installation.


The purpose of this page is to demonstrate ViaLite‘s research and development capabilities, typically showing products at a TRL 5 or 6 readiness stage. Products and specifications shown are indicative only. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about this technology and discuss your requirements.


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Optical Routing Solution

The optical hub is a reconfigurable distribution node which is bandwidth and technology agnostic, allowing the user to dynamically select and combine any of the signal channels regardless of the type of traffic. While other solutions require a specific L-Band matrix or IF matrix to cover specialist bandwidths, this solution is inherently compatible with multiple frequency ranges from 2 kHz to 40 GHz.


  • True super non-blocking interconnects
  • High route isolation
  • High port count
  • Frequency combining
  • Secure one-way diode routing
  • Compatible with long distance systems.

Please contact us to find out more about this technology and discuss your requirements.

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