OtoSphere™ Protection Module

OtoSphere™ is a small, add-on module to the ViaLite GPS RF over fiber link and any GNSS-based system, providing GNSS protection  against GPS jamming attacks, making any receiver more resilient. It ensures continuity of timing and navigation capability and enables normal operation during a jamming attack. No other solution that offers such protection is as small, light, affordable, or easy to install.


  • Proprietary interference filtering algorithm
  • Small form factor: < 70 x 48 x 24 mm, 150 g
  • Minimal power consumption: < 0.8 W (nominal)
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Automotive temperature grade compliant
  • Protected frequency: GPS L1 (C/A Code)
  • Passthrough frequencies: GPS L5 & Glonass G1 (BeiDou Optional)
  • Latency: 100 ns ±15 ns (fixed)
  • Insertion loss: ±2 dB.

The OtoSphere module is also available as part of the Focus Telecom GPS Resilient Kit for GPS/GNSS Distribution and Jamming Protection.


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OtoSphere™ Protection Module

How it works

The vulnerability of GNSS is well known. Orbiting at 20,000 km, the GNSS satellites emit a signal which is incredibly weak when received by GNSS receivers (125 dBm). To jam or spoof this signal all that is needed is to overpower it. This can be done with a simple jammer bought online to completely block the signal, or with a slightly more sophisticated device which can trick the receiver with erroneous data.

OtoSphere’s unique interference filtering algorithm combines the patterns from two omni-directional antennas. It analyzes where the interference is coming from and feeds it into its algorithm, enabling it to filter out the jamming / spoofing signals. It then directs a null towards the unwanted signal to reject disruptions. The GPS receiver will continue working during the attack.

OtoSphere makes the GPS receiver 50 times more resilient to a jamming attack compared to no protection and can be retrofitted into existing systems.

OtoSphere PPS Version

The Otosphere PPS version uses a Phantom Power Supply. The power is fed via the RF cable coming from the GPS Receiver through a connector such as a bias-T.

OtoSphere EPS Version

The OtoSphere EPS is powered from an external source, such as an AC/DC adapter.

An interference indication signals when there has been a GPS attack is available with this option.

Lightning protection

Either one per antenna, or one at the OtoSphere RF output.

Line amplifier

Used after the OtoSphere RF output to boost the GNSS signal.

PoRF (Power over RF)

Provides power to OtoSphere via the RF cable.

Comms module

Enables the unit to transmit interference indication via a cellular connection (requires SIM card).

The OtoSphere Evaluation Kit is ideal for demos and testing or evaluation, to compare between protected and unprotected GPS receivers.

The kit is supplied in a metal enclosure comprising:

  • 1 x OtoSphere module
  • 3 x patch antennas
  • 2 x GPS receivers
  • USB hub for power distribution and data comms to the receivers
  • Internal cabling.

OtoSphere GPS receiver evaluation kit

  • Mil-Aero
  • Defense
  • Cyber security
  • Security
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