P-Band Link

ViaLite has a P-Band Link for the Military and Aeronautical Telemetry market. The ultrawide dynamic range of the link allows for very small and large signals to be transported between military test ranges and control rooms, over optical fiber. The links allow simple operation near and far field.

  • 10-1350 MHz
  • Ultra-wide dynamic range for large bandwidth signals for video telemetry
  • Increased ‘link margin’ for very small and large signals
  • Available in rack chassis card or Blue/Yellow/Blue2 module format
  • 5-year warranty as standard


Product Inquiry
P-Band Link

The chassis cards are available with the ViaLiteHD blind mate option, which allows all cables to be connected at the rear of the chassis when installed. It also allows any configuration changes to be completed without disturbing the connections and very fast changeover of cards; enabling five nines reliability.

Options include:

  • 50Ω electrical connectors: SMA and MCX
  • Optical connectors: SC/APC, LC/APC, FC/APC and E2000/APC
  • Test ports on Tx and Rx modules
  • Built-in BiasT for LNB powering through RF connection
  • LNB/LNA control circuit with 13/18VDC & 22kHz tone
  • Blind mate connectivity (SC/APC and SMA)
  • Serial digital channel to 20 kb/s on same optical path.

RF Performance Characteristics

 P-Band Link
Frequency range10-1350 MHz
Impedance, RF connector50Ω SMA
VSWR1:1.5 (typ)
Link gain (Tx/Rx)+9 (-11 / +20) dB (nom) a h
Flatness, fullband±0.3 dB (typ) a h
Gain stability0.25 @ 24hrs dB (typ)
P1dB input-1 dBm (typ) a k
IP3 input11 dBm (typ) a h k
Noise figure19 dB (typ) a h k
SFDR110 dB/Hz ⅔ (typ) a
Maximum input power15 dBm (min)

a nominal input power @ 0 dB optical loss
h default gain setting
k measured @ 1.2 GHz


Optical Performance Characteristics

 P-Band Link
Laser typeDistributed feedback (DFB) laser
Optical wavelength1310nm ± 20nm (1550nm/CWDM options)
Optical power output4.5 dBm (nominal)


Temperature Characteristics

 P-Band Link
Operating temperature-20degC to +50degC
Storage temperature-40degC to +70degC

L-Band HTS – 50 Ohm 0-10km  (version HRx-L1_4)
L-Band HTS – 75 Ohm 0-10km  (version HRx-L1_4)
L-Band HTS – 50 Ohm 50km  (version HRx-L1_4)
L-Band HTS – 75 Ohm 50km  (version HRx-L1_4)
L-Band HTS – 50 Ohm CWDM  (version HRx-L1_4)
L-Band HTS – 75 Ohm CWDM  (versionHRx-L1_4)
L-Band HTS – 50 Ohm DWDM Medium Power (version HRx-Lx-DCxx-DS-1)
L-Band HTS – 50 Ohm DWDM High Power (version HRx-Lx-ECxx-DS-2)
Blue OEM datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xM-1)
Blue2 Link datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xP-1)
Yellow OEM datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xN-1)
ViaLiteHD RF Link Handbook  (version HRx-HB-7)

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