Passive RF & Optical Cards

This new range of carrier cards, from ViaLite, has been designed for RF and/or optical devices. The cards offer expanded capabilities and simple, streamlined integration in rack-mounted applications. Numerous small form-factor passive devices are often required for complex RF over fiber systems and the Passive RF and Optical Cards allow for their easy management. Configurations available include: 5 MHz to 1 GHz Splitter, L-Band Splitter, CWDM Multiplexer, Dual 10 MHz / L-Band Diplexer.

  • Expands capabilities for the 3U rack chassis and ODE-B3U enclosure
  • Space-saving; reduces the need for external modules
  • Designed for Satcom – connections to the rear IO panel
  • Allows connectivity for Monitoring & Control (M&C)
  • New devices can be added to the range with minimal effort
  • -10 to +70 °C operating temperature
  • 5-year warranty


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Passive RF & Optical Cards

Passive RF and Optical Cards Range

A range of carrier cards are available as follows.


  • RF 5 MHz to 1 GHz Combiner/Splitter.
  • Signals pass between the common and IO ports and the two IO ports are isolated.


  • Extended L-Band (400-3000 MHz) Combiner / Splitter.
  • Signals pass between the common and IO ports and the two IO ports are isolated.


  • Optical CWDM multiplexer with 1 common port and 5 wavelength specific ports.
  • Wavelengths filtered: 1310 nm, 1470 nm, 1510 nm, 1550 nm, 1590 nm.
  • Uses free-space optics to achieve very low loss and channel selection ensures excellent isolation between them.
  • All connections at the rear interface are LC/APC.


  • Dual 10 MHz / L-Band diplexer.
  • Often used in various Satcom configurations for applying 10 MHz along with RF to a BUC and LNB.
  • Uses SMA connections for all ports.

As well as Satcom, these cards are also suitable for defense, GPS/GNSS, disaster recovery, public utilities and marine applications.

5 MHz to 1 GHz Splitter
L-Band Splitter
CWDM Multiplexer

Dual 10 MHz / L-Band Diplexer

5 MHz to 1000 MHz (L-Band)
400 MHz to 3000 MHz
+/-6.5 nm
950 MHz to 2450 MHz (L-Band)

Insertion Loss
<3.9 dB (<500 MHz)

<4.5 dB (<1 GHz)

<4.5 dB (700-2150 MHz)

<5 dB (<3 GHz)
<1 dB (all wavelengths)
<1 dB (L-Band)

<4 dB (10 MHz)
Return Loss
>18 dB
>14 dB
>45 dB
>18 dB (10 MHz)

>15 dB (950 MHz-2150 MHz)

>10 dB (700 MHz-2450 MHz)
>28 dB (<100 MHz)

>20 dB (<1 GHz)
>18 dB
>40 dB
Phase Unbalance
<5 degrees (<100 MHz)
<5 degrees (700-2150 MHz)
Amplitude Unbalance
<0.5 dB (<1 GHz)
<0.5 dB (700-2150 MHz)
>50 dB
Power Handling
0.5 W
300 mW
1 W
Operating Temp.
-40 °C to +85 °C
-40 °C to +85 °C
-10 °C to +70 °C
-40 °C to +85 °C

Please contact us for a copy of the datasheet.

Passive RF and Optical Card Datasheet (version HRG-DS-1)
Passive RF and Optical Card User Manual  (version HRG-HB-1)

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