Satcom Timing & Reference

The ViaLite Timing and Reference fiber optic link is designed to be used when a central timing or modem-produced reference signal of 1 to 50 MHz (typically 10 MHz) is to be distributed to remote locations in satcom antenna installations.  The use of single mode optical fiber overcomes problems with signal losses in coaxial cable and provides lightning protection.

  • 1 kHz – 50 MHz signal transmission (typically 10 MHz)
  • Higher P1dB to accommodated the power level of most reference signals (typically 10 dBm)
  • Transmission distances of 1 m to 50 km
  • Can be optically split at the remote end, reducing the number of cross-site paths needed
  • Linear performance with low noise
  • No signal interference
  • 5-year warranty as standard

The link can also be integrated into an L-Band HTS and Reference rack mount card for simple customer installation.

Please click here if you require timing and reference for time servers and synchronization.


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Satcom Timing & Reference

As is required, ViaLite‘s Timing link transports the higher power timing signal and lower power traffic signal separately – over two fibers or over two wavelengths within a single fiber.

Optical signals can be split with very little loss due to the transmitter and receiver having the ability to amplify the signal.  This allows for the signal to be distributed easily around a satellite ground station.

The Satcom Timing and Reference RF over fiber link is available in several formats:

– Single rack chassis card / Dual rack chassis card (Rx/Rx, Tx/Tx or Tx/Rx)

A fully populated 19” 3U ViaLiteHD rack chassis supports up to 26 links and accepts 13 RF cards, plus a Monitoring & Control Module and dual power supply modules.  A 1U chassis accepts three RF cards or two RF cards with a Monitoring & Control Module.

– Blue OEM Link

The ViaLite standalone Blue OEM Link offers a compact, single link solution.

– Blue2 Link

The Blue2 Link is a dual-solution OEM which can be setup as 2x transmitters, 2x receivers or a transceiver, as required.

– Yellow OEM Link

The Yellow OEM Link has been designed for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to build the link into their own designs.

– Black OEM Module

The Black OEM module covers a wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 6 GHz, has been designed with harsh environmental conditions in mind and is IP55 rated for outdoor use.

A range of support modules and accessories is also available, including indoor rack chassis units and weatherproof outdoor enclosures.

See our hardware formats guide for more information.

Specification for 0dB gain link, Tx:-25dB gain, Rx:+25dB gain.

RF Performance Characteristics

Low frequency timing reference link
Frequency range10kHz - 50MHz
Impedance, RF connector50Ω SMA
VSWR1:1.5 (typ)
Transmitter (Tx) gain, default-25 +/- 0.5 dB (typ) a
Receiver (Rx) gain, default+25 +/- 0.5 dB (typ) a
Link gain (Tx & Rx), default+0 +/- 1.5 dB (typ) a
Tx gain adjustment range15.5 dB (typ)
Tx gain adjustment from default gain+2/-3 dB (min) d
Rx gain adjustment range15.5 dB (typ)
Rx gain adjustment from default gain+/- 3 dB (min) d
Flatness, full band±0.2dB (typ) a h
Gain stability0.25 @ 24hrs dB (typ)
P1dB input10dBm (typ) a k
IP3 input22dBm (typ) a k h
Noise figure32dB (typ) a k h
SFDR109dB/Hz⅔ (typ) a
Maximum input power20dBm (min)

a nominal input power @ 0dB optical loss
h default gain setting
k Measured @ 10MHz


Optical Performance Characteristics

Low frequency timing reference link
Laser typeDistributed feedback (DFB) laser
Optical wavelength1310nm ± 20nm (1550nm/CWDM options)
Optical power output4.5dBm (nominal)


Temperature Characteristics

Low frequency timing reference link
Operating temperature range-20 °C to +60 °C e
Storage temperature-40 °C to +70 °C

e Datasheet parameters based on temperature range -10 °C to +50 °C, refer to user manual for performance parameters at -20 °C to +60 °C.


Popular Configuration Example

Low frequency transmitter module with standard DFB laser and 1310 nm ± 20 nm wavelength, plus FC/APC opitcal connectors

ViaLite Timing and Reference Link Datasheet  (version HRx-Tx-DS-3)
Blue2 Link 9-Way Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xQZ-2)
Blue2 Link 15-Way Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xP-W-3)
Blue OEM Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xM-DS-4)
Yellow OEM Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xN-DS-2)
ViaLiteHD RF Link Handbook  (version HRx-HB-9)

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