Satellite IF 70/140 MHz

ViaLite’s Satellite Intermediary Frequency (IF) RF over fiber links cover the 20-200 MHz bandwidth range; providing cross-site connectivity for standard 70 and 140 MHz IF signals.  These links typically sit between the up-/down-converter near the antenna and operations room switch matrix or modems.

  • Transmission distances of up to 10 km (1310 nm) and up to 50 km (1550 nm)
  • Designed for Satcom – RF and fiber connections on the rear
  • 13/18 V and 22 kHz tone LNB control
  • True Plug and Play
  • 50 and 75 ohm
  • Superior linearity and low noise
  • SNMP or web GUI interface for easy set-up, remote monitoring or control
  • 5-year warranty as standard


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Satellite IF 70/140 MHz

The Satellite IF fiber links are designed to cover the traditional cross-site bands, with the same features as the L-Band HTS links.


Plug and Play

The links can be either plug-in or blind mate enabling simple installation.  Due to the simple plug in nature of the cards they can be positioned in any slot in the 19” rack and can be mixed with L-Band HTS, 10 MHz and in Tx and Rx configurations.


RF and Digital

As with all the links, it is possible to have a 20 kb/s serial digital channel multiplexed in with the RF signal.  This allows for control of other equipment such as antenna controllers, BUCs or converters.


1:1 Redundancy

To ensure five nines reliability, the links are available in a full 1:1 redundancy configuration in both rack mount and outdoor enclosures using the ViaLite splitters and switches.

The Satellite IF RF over fiber link is available in several formats:

– Single rack chassis card / Dual rack chassis card (Rx/Rx, Tx/Tx or Tx/Rx)

A fully populated 19” 3U ViaLiteHD rack chassis supports up to 26 links and accepts 13 RF cards, plus a Monitoring & Control Module and dual power supply modules.  A 1U chassis accepts three RF cards or two RF cards with a Monitoring & Control Module.

– Blue OEM Link

The ViaLite standalone Blue OEM Link offers a compact, single link solution.

 – Blue2 Link

The Blue2 Link is a dual-solution OEM which can be setup as 2x transmitters, 2x receivers or a transceiver, as required.

– Yellow OEM Link

The Yellow OEM Link has been designed for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to build the link into their own designs.

– Black OEM Module

The Black OEM module covers a wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 6 GHz, has been designed with harsh environmental conditions in mind and is IP55 rated for outdoor use.

A range of support modules and accessories is also available, including indoor rack chassis units and weatherproof outdoor enclosures.

See our hardware formats guide for more information.

RF Performance Characteristics

IF link (50Ω)IF link (75Ω )
Frequency range10-200MHz10-200MHz
RF connector50Ω SMA75Ω BNC
VSWR1:1.5 (typ)1:1.5 (typ)
Link gain (Tx/Rx)+9 (-11/+20)dB (nom) a +3 (-11/+14)dB (nom) a
Flatness (full band)±0.2dB (typ) a h ±0.3dB (typ) a h
Gain stability0.25 @ 24hrs dB (typ)0.25 @ 24hrs dB (typ)
P1dB input-1dBm (typ) a k -1dBm (typ) a k
IP3 input at default gain11dBm (typ) a k 11dBm (typ) a k
Noise figure at default gain19dB (typ) a k 19dB (typ) a k
SFDR110dB/Hz⅔ (typ) a 110dB/Hz⅔ (typ) a
Maximum input power15dBm (min)15dBm (min)

a nominal input power @ 0dB optical loss
h default gain setting
k measured @ 500MHz


Optical Performance Characteristics

IF link
Laser typeDFB
Optical wavelength1310nm ± 20nm (1550nm/CWDM options)
Optical power output4.5dBm (nominal)


Temperature Characteristics

IF link
Operating temperature-20 °C to +60 °C e
Storage temperature-40 °C to +70 °C

e Datasheet parameters based on temperature range -10 °C to +50 °C, refer to user manual for performance parameters at -20 °C to +60 °C.

Satellite IF 70/140 MHz Fiber Optic Link

Transmitter, IF 70/140 (10-200 MHz), 50 Ohm SMA, Singlemode SC/APC, Rack plug-in module, LNA/LNB or BUC DC Connector, Wavelength 1310 nm

Receiver, IF 70/140 (10-200MHz), 50 Ohm SMA, Singlemode SC/APC, Rack plug-in module, No LNA Feed, 20dB RF Gain.

ViaLiteHD Satellite IF (70/140 MHz) Link Datasheet  (version HRx-Bx-DS-3)
Blue2 Link 9-Way Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xQZ-2)
Blue2 Link 15-Way Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xP-W-3)
Blue OEM Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xM-DS-4)
Blue OEM Power Supply Datasheet  (version HPS-CB-xx-DS-1)
Yellow OEM Datasheet  (version HRx-xx-xN-DS-3)
ViaLiteHD RF Link Handbook  (version HRx-HB-9)

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