Super and Extremely High Frequency Links

The ViaLiteAIR RF over fiber links operate in the “super” high frequency (SHF) range up to 30 GHz, and even in the “extremely” high frequency (EHF) range, above 30 GHz through to 40 GHz. At these higher frequencies of operation, the RF over fiber laser transmitters utilize core ViaLite technologies to overlay the RF signal on to the optical light power.

  • Super high frequency links to 30 GHz
  • Extremely high frequency links 30-40 GHz

It is planned to expand and use the ViaLiteAIR platform to create a range of links suitable for two-way satcom traffic and signal downlinking in the 18 GHz, Ka-band and 40 GHz portions of the spectrum. The range will bring a new performance benchmark to the satellite and mmWave communications industries, with full frequency transport and exceptional dynamic range.

The links would be housed within a new ViaLiteAIR 1U chassis and benefit from features essential for high reliability communications and operations including:

  • dual redundant power
  • hot-swap
  • monitoring and control.


The purpose of this page is to demonstrate ViaLite‘s research and development capabilities, typically showing products at a TRL 5 or 6 readiness stage. Products and specifications shown are indicative only. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about this technology and discuss your requirements.

Product Inquiry
Super and Extremely High Frequency Links

Available in 50 Ω 1 – 40 GHz (unamplified version), 50 Ω 17 – 31 GHz (non and pre-amp version) and 0.03 – 18 GHz.

  • > 100 dB/Hz SFDR
  • Integrates into ViaLiteAIR 1U chassis
  • DWDM options for multiplexing long distance links
  • Options for Tx, Rx, TRx
  • Hot-swap
  • 5 year warranty
  • mmWave communication links
  • Generic Ka-Band card for downlink or uplink
  • Ka-Band long distance link – diverse antenna
  • IF link for higher bands e.g. Q/V

The ViaLiteAIR 1U Chassis brings a new level of high fidelity – high frequency support going up to 40 GHz. The chassis is able to support one or two rack cards which can be single or dual transmit (Tx) or receive (Rx), and also full transceiver cards (TRx). The chassis supports hot swap and includes up to two power supplies to provide extra redundancy. The chassis includes a fully operational Monitoring and Control module which provides the ViaLite Horizons web interface and control through MIB commands. The integrated backplane is OpenVPX compliant to VITA 65-2017 standards providing rugged interconnect for electrical, RF and optical connection.

Please contact us to find out more about this technology and discuss your requirements.

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