ViaLite Quad LNB Package

The Quad LNB Package is typically used by the Government (for receive-only applications), by the Satcom and Telemetry markets, or for TV Receive Only (TVRO). It is a turnkey solution used for downlinking RF over fiber interfacility links, bringing all four polarizations from the antenna, into the control room.

The package incorporates an ODE-A4 Quad LNB outdoor enclosure (to convert the RF signals near the dish) and a slim-line 1U indoor unit (to convert the optical signals back into RF closer to the de-modulator or IRD).

  • A complete package, designed for direct-mounting to antennas
  • Small, lightweight equipment
  • The ODE-A4 Quad LNB is suitable for all weathers, with optional heaters and solar shields
  • The enclosure  houses up to 4 RF over fiber channels
  • The indoor 1U Rack Chassis handles up to 4 channels, with options including: dual redundant power supplies, alarms and SNMP
  • 5-year warranty as standard.


Product Inquiry
<em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> Quad LNB Package
  • Houses 1-4 L-Band Blue OEM transmitters
  • LNB power options
  • Lightweight and compact size allows for the enclosure to be fitted to the rear of the antenna
  • Available as a Satellite IF 70-140 MHz link setup
  • Weatherproof 50 Ohm N-Type RF connectors
  • Optional weatherproof 75 Ohm F-Type connectors
  • Quad or MTP weatherproof fiber connector for plug and play installation
  • External weatherproof power connector
  • Lightning protection options

1U Chassis features

  • A 1U Chassis accepts up to 3 RF or Support cards or 2 cards and a Monitoring & Control Module (with dual power supplies)
  • Blind mate option
  • All modules hot-swappable
  • System can be monitored and controlled remotely via SNMP, using a web browser


SNMP Monitoring and Control

When a ViaLiteHD chassis is configured with a Monitoring & Control Module (optional), the user can fully monitor and control the cards.  Please see the Monitoring and Control product page for more information.

1U Rack Chassis Datasheet  (version HRK1x-DS-3)
1U Rack Chassis User Manual  (version HRK1-HB-6)

ODE-A4 Outdoor Enclosure Datasheet  (version DS-6)
ODE-A4 Outdoor Enclosure User Manual  (version HAx-HB-4)

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