RF Links

RF Systems

ViaLite VSAT package

For turnkey packages, meeting a number of standard link requirements, ViaLite offers a number of systems. These include Rain Fade Diversity, Long Distance and VSAT. Packages are offered as standard or can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

Support Products

ViaLite Horizons SNMP GUI

A range of options are available with ViaLite RF links, including WDM / CWDM / DWDM, SNMP Monitoring and Control (with GUI) and 1:1 Redundancy. Digital Data and Ethernet links are also available.

Rack Chassis and Enclosures

ViaLite 1U and 3U Rack Chassis units are available to house the RF link cards and these in turn can be housed in the ViaLite range of Outdoor Enclosures. The enclosures provide a cost-effective housing solution – in a variety of sizes – that can be used indoors or outdoors, and in environmentally harsh conditions. Enclosures are also available for 1-12 RF OEM modules and can be used to house customer-own equipment.