Public Safety Radio for LA Metro Tunnels Thanks to ViaLite & Canam

The rebroadcasting of public safety and operations radio signals along LA Metro tunnels is being made possible by ViaLite and rebroadcast pioneer Canam Technology Inc. The companies have teamed up again to provide leading edge radio coverage using RF over fiber (RFoF) links to carry five bands of VHF/UHF radio simultaneously.

Constrained by lack of space in the tunnels, a major challenge was to accomplish this using RFoF with a very small modular form factor, while loaded with chassis-like capabilities. ViaLite’s equipment met this need.

A further advanced characteristic of the ViaLite equipment was producing top level and seamless RF performance in a redundant configuration, with an optical fiber run that exhibited -10 dB optical loss end to end.

ViaLites Green OEM modules, for broadcast, were integrated with leading edge Canam BDAs in a highly channelized configuration.  The resulting system was fully redundant, complete with switching gear for both main and standby modes.

Another exceptional feature was that ViaLite customized their Green OEM modules to offer seamless communication of the system’s operational aspects all within the Metro’s Network Management System (NMS) over Ethernet, thus making the entire system a smart system.  This gave the LA Metro the ability to remotely change and optimize performance characteristics, receive live system performance monitoring and multiple alarm notification features.

ViaLite has been an excellent premier partner for many years, enabling Canam to further create state of the art rebroadcasting systems that offer leading edge technical capabilities for mission critical systems under extremely challenging environmental conditions,” said Victor Bermudez, Canam Vice President.

Responding, ViaLite Director of Sales, Craig Somach said: “Our relationship with Canam has long been a cornerstone fixture for ViaLite, continually advancing RF over fiber technology beyond boundaries once not thought possible.”

Canam Technology Inc. pioneered rebroadcast technology in 1962, and has since become a leader in rebroadcasting, not only as a designer and manufacturer of AM and FM, VHF, UHF and 800 MHz rebroadcast systems and AM and FM radiators (tunnel antennas), but as a fully-fledged integrator of rebroadcast radio systems for highway tunnels, in-building and subway systems.


Public Safety Radio for LA Metro Tunnels Thanks to <em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> & Canam
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