Public Safety Radio in the World Trade Center relies on ViaLite

Public safety radio is an important service for high-rise buildings such as the World Trade Center complex in New York.  With modern radio systems relying on accurate timing signals, ViaLite Communications is providing the precise GPS-derived timing signals for a Motorola system in the WTC.

The GPS signals are received by an antenna situated on the roof of Tower 4 at 298 meters high.  The signals are then sent down the tower’s 72 floors to the radio room, which is located on the sixth floor.  ViaLiteHD RF over fiber equipment has been installed to send the frequency and timing signals on further to another radio room, located in the underground area of the complex.

The ViaLite equipment takes 1PPS serial and 5MHz RF signals from a Trak 9100 unit, which provides the precise time and frequency outputs referenced to GPS, and sends them over an 80 meter 12 strand single-mode optical fiber to NYPD equipment in the underground area.

“Use of fiber optic cable meant that the fiber is less bulky and more flexible than coax, making it easier to install.  It also has the advantage of being lossless,” said ViaLite Director of Sales, Craig Somach.

Public Safety Radio in the World Trade Center relies on <em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong>
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