Blind Mate Connectivity

Based on 50Ω SMA or 75ohm BNC (electrical) and LC/APC (optical) connectors, blind mate connectivity supports simpler and faster hot-swapping and minimizes down time.


Hot swapping

Adaptors are fitted to the rear of a ViaLiteHD chassis to accept RF chassis cards with blind mate connectivity. Electrical and optical connections are made to the rear of the chassis rather than directly to the card. This means that the cards can be easily removed and replaced in just a few seconds without any modification to the existing wiring.


Easy Reconfiguration

Equipment is often at risk of being damaged when it needs to be reconfigured. Accessing the rear of an installed rack is not always easy. Since a blind mate configuration needs to be wired up only once, reconfiguration is simple and fast.


Minimal Downtime

Using the ViaLite SNMP network module, a replacement card can automatically adopt the settings of its predecessor which means minimal downtime.


For assistance,  please contact our dedicated Technical Support team, by emailing or by phoning +44 (0) 1793 784389.

Blind Mate Connectivity
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