Laser Options

A number of choices are available for lasers in ViaLite products. The standard DFB laser provides excellent performance for most applications.  However high power and dual isolated lasers are available for high performance applications.  Also, WDM and CWDM lasers are available for applications where mup to 18 channels are multiplexed down a single fiber.


Distributed feedback (DFB) lasers

ViaLiteHD fiber optic links use distributed feedback (DFB) lasers.


Dual isolated lasers

Dual isolated lasers are suited for systems which are susceptible to reflections, e.g. systems which use flat (AFC) optical connectors as opposed to angled (APC) connectors.


High power lasers

High power lasers allow for greater distances and increased dynamic range. These are intended for applications where signals are weak or vary widely in strength (for example due to weather conditions).


WDM and CWDM lasers

WDM and CWDM lasers offer multiple channels to be transmitted using only a single fiber.  WDM and CWDM equipped rack chassis cards and modules operate together with ViaLite multiplexers. The two channel WDM duplexers are available in either pigtail or chassis card format allowing integration with larger systems or to be rack mounted in a ViaLite chassis with other ViaLite modules.   The multi-channel CWDM systems are available in 1RU high 19″ rack format and support multiplexing of up to 18 channels per fiber.

Laser options:

  • DFB (standard laser)
  • Dual isolated DFB
  • High power dual-isolated DFB
  • CWDM
  • CWDM dual isolated
  • WDM.
Laser Options
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