Optical Connector Options

ViaLite recommend the use of angled (APC) connectors because these minimize reflections at the fiber-air interface.  Angled (APC) and standard (PC) connectors must not be confused.  The two connector-types are not interchangeable and mating one with the other will damage both the cable and the module connectors.

SC/APC is the standard connector recommended for ViaLite links.  Alternative connector options available when ordering ViaLite equipment are FC/APC, E2000/APC and LC/APC.  However, due to the prevalence of PC connectors in the broadcast industry, PC type connectors SC/PC, LC/PC and ST/PC are alternative options for DVB-T and audio links.


SC/APC- ViaLite standard optical connector

The SC/APC connector is the ViaLite standard optical connector.  LC/APC, E2000/APC and narrow key width FC/APC connectors are optional alternatives except on blind mate chassis cards which use SC/APC optical connectors on the rack case rear interface.


Alternative optical connectors

E2000/APC, LC/APC and narrow key width FC/APC connectors are optional alternatives to SC/APC connectors (except for blind mate chassis cards).

FC connectors have a locating lug and gap (keyway).  It is possible to inadvertently tighten the connector without first aligning the lug and gap.  This will result in poor light transmission and potential damage to the connector.  Check that the lug and gap are aligned before tightening.

Optical Connector Options
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