Laser Options

A number of laser choices are available in ViaLite products:

  • Distributed feedback (DFB) 1310 nm
  • DFB 1550 nm
  • Dual isolated lasers
  • WDM
  • CWDM
  • DWDM (cooled).


DFB lasers (1310 and 1550 nm)

ViaLiteHD fiber optic links use 1310 nm DFB lasers as standard.  These lasers provide excellent performance for most applications and cover between 0-10 km.

1550 nm DFB lasers are suitable for any application, covering greater distances; up to 50 km.


Dual isolated lasers

ViaLite high-quality dual isolated lasers are suited for systems which are susceptible to reflections, e.g. systems using flat (PC) optical connectors and not angled (APC) connectors. Read more about ViaLite connector options.

Dual isolated lasers are most commonly found in Broadcast and GPS data center applications.



WDM lasers allow two channels to be transmitted over a single fiber when multiplexed together and utilize the standard 1310 and 1550 nm lasers. Both signals can either be sent in the same or opposite directions. The two channel WDM multiplexers can be integrated into dual rack chassis cards or in a pigtail format.

These lasers are typically used in broadcast wireless camera systems where diverse antennas signals can be sent over a single fiber.

View WDM product.



CWDM lasers are available for applications where up to 16 channels are multiplexed down a single fiber (using a multiplexer). The lasers are in the same standard package format, with 16 different colors available. It is possible to use CWDM lasers for 50 km distances, however, only 8 colors are available.

CWDM is typically used in leased-fiber applications to reduce the number of fibers required and lower costs. The lasers are also used in Broadcast applications where RF signals are added to existing multi-channel digital systems.

View CWDM product.


DWDM (cooled)

DWDM lasers are used to cover greater distances (to 600 km) and for increased dynamic range (114 dB/Hz 2/3). The lasers can be used to combine up to 96 channels over a single fiber. It is also possible for the DWDM wavelength to be amplified, through the use of EDFAs. The lasers’ on-board cooler allows operation up to 80°C.

DWDM lasers are typically used for: geographically diverse sites; applications where multiple satellite antenna signals need to be sent over a single fiber; sites where hyper-wide dynamic range is important e.g. in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT); extreme or harsh environments.


Laser Options
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