Upgrading the HRC-1 SNMP Chassis Card to Operate with Horizons

The ViaLite Horizons SNMP software is available in the new HRC-3 Horizons SNMP controller and as a standalone program that works with ViaLite HRC-1 SNMP controllers. Upgrading the software is free of charge and brings many benefits, including not being Java reliant. This Guide explains how to upgrade the HRC-1 controller to work with Horizons.


You will need:

  • Local access to the HRC-1 controller
  • A version of Java that works with HRC-1 (version 8, update 131)
  • A PC with a FTP server installed (Filezilla Server – as used in this guide – or similar). You can download Filezilla Server here
  • A standard Ethernet cable connecting the PC and HRC-1 controller



  1. Download the SNMP BIN file – card firmware to your PC and unzip the file (to utilize the Horizons software, you will need to upgrade the HRC-1 to the latest firmware version).
  2. Open the Filezilla Server Interface. Click on Edit and then on Users in the toolbar. This window will pop up:
  1. Under Users (right-hand-side of window), click Add. This window will pop up:
  1. Type “PPM” in the field and click the OK button.
  2. Under Account settings, tick the Password box and then enter the password “PPM” into the field.
  3. Now click on Shared Folders beneath the ‘Page:’ field (left-hand-side of the window). The window will now look like this: 

  1. Click on Add under the Shared folders section and the following window will come up:
  1. Select the folder where you saved the SNMP BIN file – card firmware file. The folder will then appear in the Shared folders window.
  2. Click the Set as home dir button to set this folder as the home directory.
  3. Click OK and Filezilla Server will be ready to use; leave Filezilla Server running.
  4. Important: If you are running a firewall, you MUST setup a new rule to allow PORT 21 inbound access.
  5. The Ethernet port being used to connect the PC to the HRC-1 must be configured to be on the same subnet as the HRC-1.
  6. Turn on the ViaLite chassis and connect the PC to the SNMP controller using the Ethernet cable.
  7. Open the ViaLite GUI.
  8. Click the Software Update icon on the left-hand bar.
  9. Then click on the arrow, to the right of Operation, to maximize the box.
  10. Click the arrow to the right of File Server to maximize the box.
  11. Input the FTP server address; this is the IP address of the PC running the FTP server software (Filezilla Server used in this guide).
  12. Type in the Username and Password set in the FTP Server (if using the above: “PPM”).
  13. In the Operations tab, input the filename of the downloaded BIN file: “ppm_010457.bin“.
  14. Enter the IP address from the Command window into the Software Update window. Leave the username and password fields blank.
  15. Press the Apply button at the bottom of the window to apply these settings.
  16. Then press the Download Image button. You will be asked to confirm the action, click Yes if you are sure.
  17. The upload will now run. Typically it takes around 2 minutes but is dependent on your network speeds.
  18. When the status window says Ready, the new software has been loaded. You can check the version by clicking the left-hand menu System icon and opening the Inventory box.
  19. You can now download the Horizons SNMP – Installer onto your computer and install the software as per the Read Me in the Installer file.

You are now ready to enjoy the features and benefits of ViaLite Horizons.



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Upgrading the HRC-1 SNMP Chassis Card to Operate with Horizons
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