Goonhilly Earth Station installs RF over Fiber

Together with a camera crew, ViaLite visited the world famous earth station at Goonhilly, UK. The dishes that received the first transatlantic satellite TV images and relayed live pictures of the Apollo moon landing and Live Aid are now decommissioned. However, the site now serves some of the world’s largest teleport operators.

ViaLite caught up with Paul Knight, Satellite Engineer, to see how they were getting on and discussed the benefits of RF over fiber to connect their ground station equipment and antennas across the site.

“The fiber links… allow us to respond to customer requirements much, much quicker than you could [if] running coaxial cable” – Paul Knight, Satellite Engineer, Goonhilly Earth Station (G.E.S.)

Find out more about how RF over fiber works here:

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Goonhilly Earth Station installs RF over Fiber
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