ViaLite Site Controller Enables M&C for Smallest Outdoor Enclosures

ViaLite‘s Embedded Site Controller is now available for the ODE-A4 outdoor enclosures, as well as the ODE-MINI; ViaLite‘s smallest outdoor enclosures. The hardware and software combination allows Monitoring & Control (M&C) of the RF over fiber links within the enclosures.

The Controller provides a large amount of carrier-grade features in a very small space. It enables users to see what is happening at the antenna end of smaller Satcom and GPS receiver applications.

Key features include the ability to integrate the enclosures into Network Management Systems (NMS) and Gain Control allowing for optimization of RF signals in the field. The Controller also allows the user to set minor, major and trigger-point alarms. The alarms can be masked in Maintenance Mode.

In a modern and easy-to-use, intuitive design, the Controller software is based on the design of ViaLite‘s popular Horizons HRC-3 Controller software which allows M&C of RF over fiber links in ViaLiteHD rack chassis units (3U and 1U).

Event History Logs and System Reports are accessible, with the latter allowing users to store system configurations and operations. These can then be shared or used for remote diagnosis if required. Further, the Controller software is fully upgradable meaning users can benefit from post-delivery updates.

Mike Bend, Software Design Engineer at ViaLite, commented:

“The Embedded Site Controller brings the tried and tested Horizons HRC-3 SNMP features and Web GUI control interface to the outdoor enclosure range. This gives customers the flexibility to tune and monitor their systems for best performance, both at the control room and deployed equipment ends.”

The Controller is available as an optional add-on for the supported enclosures. Contact us to inquire further.


<em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> Site Controller Enables M&C for Smallest Outdoor Enclosures
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