Sound Choice for Theme Park Microphone Links

Voice communications from wireless microphones at a leading theme park and resort in Hong Kong are to be carried over ViaLite optical fiber links for an outdoor moving character show. To be installed at two prominent locations within the well-established attraction, the modules will connect antennas receiving the microphone outputs back to the control room via lossless RF over fiber links.

Maintaining the reliability of sound from performers is a vital part of the entertainment experience, so fiber optic links were specified rather than using copper coaxial cables which would have experienced too much attenuation over the long runs back to the control room.

ViaLite was chosen for its performance and best in class quality, reliability and service,” said ViaLite director of sales Craig Somach.

The products included 1 GHz Blue2 Links, which are compact dual solution OEMs that can be configured as two transmitters, two receivers or one transceiver. Despite their small size, they provide ViaLiteHD RF performance. 1 GHz rack cards with mating chassis were also supplied.

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Sound Choice for Theme Park Microphone Links
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