End of Life Policy

 Our commitment to customers

ViaLite Communications and its parent company, Pulse Power and Measurement Ltd, are committed to providing the highest quality, technically leading, cost effective solutions to our customers. We endeavor to produce products which are supplied and work effectively in the field, and this policy is designed to communicate our life-cycle process to customers through to the End of Life (EOL) phase.

For customers who need additional support or maintenance services beyond the scope of our standard warranty or for products which may be discontinued, we can offer competitive product support options. Please discuss these options with your ViaLite account manager.



The products included in this policy are only those detailed from the ViaLite product range as shown on the ViaLite website current or historic.



Vialite is a global company with offices in both the UK and the USA, a technology leader in Radio Frequency over Fiber (RFoF) and has over 25 years of experience manufacturing RFoF links and related products used in Satellite Communications (Satcom), Broadcast Production, Timing and Frequency and Government and Defense markets. ViaLite products are primarily hardware based with some embedded software in supported cards.


Why is an EOL policy required?

Vialite regularly reviews the markets that it offers its products in, to monitor trends in technologies and changes due to new technologies, customer needs within the markets, as well as hardware component obsolescence and software compatibility and availability.  All of these factors are considered to allow ViaLite to maintain an End of Life (EOL) policy.


Hardware End of Life

The hardware major milestones are shown below:

  • In Life Phase – ViaLite aims to manufacture hardware and associated embedded software support on all hardware products during the “In Life Phase” for a period of at least 10 years.
  • Notice of EOL – At the end of the In Life Phase, ViaLite issue an official End of Life statement to help adequately prepare customers that specific products will be discontinued at a time specified. This will be communicated to customers directly and / or through a statement on the ViaLite website.
  • Last Time Buy Period (LTB) – After the Notice of EOL has been issued, there is an opportunity for customers to buy further products for expansion or buy spares prior to the product being discontinued i.e. not manufactured. Products in LTB phase will not be offered to new customers. The LTB period will last for 6 months from the date of the Notice of EOL. At the end of the LTB period, products will be discontinued for further sale.
  • EOL Phase – During this period ViaLite will continue to honor and support all customers with any warranty support issues.
  • Post EOL – For customers who are requiring support for discontinued products which are out of warranty, ViaLite will use a ‘best efforts’ basis to replace, repair on a time and materials basis, or provide upgrade options for new and current products.


 Software End of Life 1

ViaLite is committed to support software products for the life of the hardware (as detailed above). Hardware products requiring software could be SNMP monitoring and control cards as an example. During the In Life Phase ViaLite  will provide updated releases of software in order to add functionality or solve a reported issue.

When a hardware product (that supports software) enters the EOL Phase a final software product release (normally associated with the EOL hardware date) will be released and made available to customers on the ViaLite website. The software will also no longer be updated, unless there is a warranty related issue.

ViaLite will continue to make available the final software release for a minimum of 12 months. Post EOL ViaLite will endeavour to provide ‘best efforts’ to support the software.


1 – Standalone software (that operates outside of a ViaLite hardware host) is not detailed in this policy
2 – This EOL policy serves as an informative guide and does not affect or amend the Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd (PPM) standard terms and conditions of sale. Furthermore, PPM reserves the right to update this policy from time to time.


1710 ViaLite Communications EOL Policy v1.4 release 04/16/18 2

End of Life Policy
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