Top Teleport Rankings Show ViaLite’s Strength in Satellite Sector

The release of the latest rankings of the world’s top teleport operators by the World Teleport Association (WTA) has again highlighted the dominance of ViaLite in the supply of fiber optic satellite ground links.

In the main listing of the Global Top 20 operators, no less than 15 companies used ViaLite RF over fiber equipment. In the independent operators category, ViaLite was a supplier to six of the top 10, while the Fast Top 10 list of fast growing companies features eight ViaLite equipped operators.

The rankings are based on operator revenue for 2022, and were compiled by surveying teleport operators around the world as well as referencing the published results of publicly held companies.

“These latest WTA rankings illustrate once again the confidence that the top teleport operators have in the high performance and reliability of our RF over Fiber technology,” said ViaLite Director of Sales, David Downham.

According to the WTA, in recent years the operators faced a time of tremendous change in technology, assets on orbit and market needs, together with the continued impacts of the pandemic and the Ukraine war. This meant that agility and the intelligent management of opportunities and risks had become key competitive advantages.

The WTA is the leading partner in growth for teleport operators, advocating for their commercial interests and promoting excellence in their business practices, technology and operations.

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Top Teleport Rankings Show <em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong>’s Strength in Satellite Sector
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