ViaLite Customers Take Top Seven Teleport Operator Rankings

The World Teleport Association (WTA) has released its annual rankings by revenue of the top teleport operators, and ViaLite has supplied its RF over fiber links to the top seven. This compares with the previous year, when ViaLite supplied the top six in the list.

Headed by SES, the rankings for the Global Top Teleport Operators of 2017 were compiled by the WTA by surveying teleport operators around the world as well as referencing the published results of publicly held companies.

The results show that ViaLite also supplied several of the operators in the Association’s Independent Top Twenty category, including the top two.

ViaLite supplies L-Band HTS RF over fiber interfacility links for use within teleports as well as long distance link systems. The links are typically used for main traffic, back-up traffic and commercial and governmental applications.

A key reason for ViaLite’s adoption as supplier of choice to the leading teleport operators is the wide dynamic range offered by its L-Band HTS links. Dynamic range has become increasingly important with the growth in the deployment of high throughput satellites (HTS) and their demand for extremely high data rates.


<em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> Customers Take Top Seven Teleport Operator Rankings
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