ViaLite Fiber Links Drive Coverage of Argentinian Touring Car Racing Series

Televising the annual Turismo Carretera touring car racing series in Argentina is a demanding exercise, for both production staff and equipment. This year it is being made easier with the use of RF over fiber links from ViaLite, which will help provide the portability needed for live coverage around the 15 race circuits throughout Argentina.

The ultra-wide dynamic range of the ViaLiteHD optical fiber links allow outdoor broadcast operator ACTC-FADRA to carry multiple RF feeds of varying powers over the long distances between wireless cameras/microphones and the production trucks.

ViaLite’s compact Green OEM units have been integrated into the customer’s own equipment for use with down-converted COFDM broadcast signals. The units were chosen for their high dynamic range, compact size and low power consumption.

“Having a better dynamic range with ViaLite modules allows us to deal with high and low power signals easily without affecting performance,” said Pablo Kotodij, engineering manager at ACTC-FADRA, the Argentinian motorsports promotion and TV production company.

Organized by the Asociación Corredores Turismo Carretera, the Turismo Carretera is the world’s longest running motor racing series, having begun in 1937. It was from this racing series that one of the greatest Formula One drivers – Juan Manuel Fangio – was born. Juan went on to win the World Drivers’ Championship five times.

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<em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> Fiber Links Drive Coverage of Argentinian Touring Car Racing Series
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