ViaLite Mil-Aero Links Get Uptime Boost from Outdoor Enclosure

Defense and security grade fiber optic based communications links need to operate reliably in all weathers and ViaLite’s ODE-MINI outdoor enclosure helps deliver impressive reliability for the company’s recently launched Mil-Aero RF over Fiber Link.

The compact ODE-MINI can be fitted with ‘carrier grade’ features including dual redundant power supplies and a fully integrated SNMP based monitoring and control unit. The SNMP site controller includes optical or RJ45 electrical connection options to an external network.

The IP65 rated enclosure can house one or two RF over fiber Blue OEM modules, allowing it to be fitted with single or dual modules which can be transmitter or receiver types.

 “Dual power supplies for redundancy, and the site controller with integrated SNMP for remote alarms and control, all help to ensure minimal downtime for Mil-Aero links,” said ViaLite Product Manager, Edward Levack.

ViaLite’s Mil-Aero link is designed for demanding defense based telemetry systems, boresight testing, signals intelligence (SIGINT) deployments, tethered aerostat and drone applications; basically any RF communications system where fiber is an essential replacement for coaxial cable.

As one of ViaLite’s most versatile RF over fiber links, it covers bands from HF, VHF and UHF through to telemetry and satcom bands P, L, S and C, while supporting distances of up to 50 km.

In addition to the Blue OEM module format, the link is available as a rack chassis card or IP55 rated Black OEM module. For those not requiring the additional features provided by the ODE-MINI (or other larger enclosures), the Black module is suitable for outdoor use on its own; without an enclosure.

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<em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> Mil-Aero Links Get Uptime Boost from Outdoor Enclosure
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