ViaLite Supports Fiber-Span Customers

A Fortune 500 company has purchased ViaLite GPS RF over fiber links to directly replace the links it had from Fiber-Span. The company decided to upgrade their links to ViaLite’s to ensure continuity of supply and support going forwards after Fiber-Span went bankrupt.

The new ViaLite links will provide accurate timing and synchronization for base station equipment, five nines (99.999%) reliability and peace of mind with ViaLite’s 5-year product warranty and dedicated customer support team.

The links are used to transport GPS signals from the company’s skyscrapers roofs to time servers located in the basements.

ViaLite is a trusted RF over fiber manufacturer and has been trading globally since 1999. It has seen 10-fold US growth in the last five years and ViaLite GPS links are in the WTC, US Stock Exchange and Gotthard Base Tunnel; the world’s longest and deepest railway tunnel.









<em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> Supports Fiber-Span Customers
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