ViaLite Supports Ultra-Fast Stock Trading in USA

ViaLite RF over fiber links are now being used to support ultra-fast trading speeds at stock exchanges in New York, Chicago and Atlanta courtesy of Chronos Technology – a specialist supplier of ultra-precise timing solutions.

As stock exchanges around the world seek to offer the fastest possible trading speeds to support high-frequency trading, their IT systems need highly accurate timing signals, obtained from the GPS satellite network.

RF over fiber allows the signals from the GPS antennas to be sent over longer distances to remotely located time servers without any deterioration in quality – an application unsuitable for copper cable due to its poor performance at high frequencies.

“Each stock exchange is equipped with several GPS antennas and the signals are split to supply multiple time-servers,” said Amair Khan from ViaLite.

Precise timing signals are crucial in ensuring the performance of high-speed trading systems.  Accurate synchronization enables risk management and performance monitoring.  An accurate time stamp on data also supports algorithm optimization.


<em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> Supports Ultra-Fast Stock Trading in USA
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